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Please find out our new opportunities

  1.  Hospital Construction in Tanzania
  2. Oil & Gas Financial projet available
  3. Car parts suppliers
  4. Diamond Industrial Exploration


The african continent is incredibly rich in natural resources. It has huge, untapped reserves of natural gas and oil (10% of world’s reserves), and largely unexploited hydroelectric power.

The “Somirwa SPRL & International Gold Diamond Company” mining company from Tanzania has authorized GBP to seek customers who want to buy gold.

Looking for oil & gas, diamond, construction, engineering, transportation and security equipment or business opportunities? we are humbled and grateful to help your dreams come true. 

Many business services and outsourcing firms struggle to balance ambitious growth targets with profitability, as their clients push back against price increases. Their biggest challenges include commoditization, price pressure and increased professionalization in tenders and purchasing.

GLOBAL BUSINESS PARTNERSHIP leading business services and outsourcing firms to increase profits in line with the customer benefits they deliver. Our clients typically offer business and outsourcing services in these areas:


Seeking an investor?

You are in a good place. We will help you to grow your company The global Business Partnership (BGP) Collaborators and Partners work hard to satisfy our clients finding them all needs.

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Want to know about opportunities? we have listed a huge information for that so feel free to visit the Membership Club to get acces on tahat webpage .

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  • Alberta - Canada Registration: № TN19268739 
  • Business Service Request: № 24083722

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