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Looking for Alternative Business Opportunities?

Global Business Partnership (GBP) is a firm focusing on finding innovative solutions to help you to expand into the international market.


The Global Business Partnership (GBP) as a business consulting specialist in small and large companies has the objective to respond or meet the needs of companies. GBP is ranked in several universal business areas, both business and individual according to each type of industry and product category.

Our Approach

We assist in finding partnerships for you or we acquire shortages of equipment, machines among others for your business. Check below a brief narration of various businesses.

Looking for oil & gas, diamond, construction, engineering, transportation and security equipment or business opportunities? we are humbled and grateful to help your dreams come true.

Here's a look at some top sectors to broaden your view on investment opportunities. 

The Global Business Partnership accepts all types of partnership or investment requests, subject to the following conditions:

The requesting company had to fill in the membership application form. The applicant must submit a detailed Investment Project with accurate and consolidated information. The project is fundamental for your company to be selected.

The project must be written in English or French. We offer project translation service.

Global Business Partnership (GBP) Services


Coffee production 
Growing crops 
Mineral water exploration 
Raising livestock 


Visual Data Diamond cutting
Visual Data Diamond processing
Visual Data Exploration

Selling diamond                                          Diamond exploration 


Note that not all of our consulting documents or opportunities are published on our website. The objective is to get to know you, understand what you are truly looking for, and to reach out when the right opportunity becomes available

You must be a Registered Member to access the online documents page.

1 30-day Job and 1 30-day Career Ad Network ($425)


Construction equipment
Heavy engineering
Data Infrastructure

Roads & bridges 


With GBP, you can be sure that your project or presentation will be handled quickly, professionally and confidentially.

We are the confident and right solution for you by offering high quality at affordable prices. "service in English, French, and Portuguese".


Web conference appointment must be scheduled 7 days prior. Online web meetings and appointments to clarify your business project or your presentation, and we will contact you by email or phone to confirm or to propose another day. Please read this section carefully before scheduling your appointment

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  • Alberta - Canada Registration: № TN19268739 
  • Business Service Request: № 24083722

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