Our Services

Global Business Partnership is proud to offer a happy and hardworking consultants service. 

Business Idea

We build a long-term relationship with our clients, creating productive ideas based on trust and ethics. 

Market Analysis

Market Analysis is a very worthwhile exercise. We will tirelessly work together to understand your needs. 


Working with the professionals' team who are dedicated to achieving the clients' financial needs.

Business Growth

We believe that a business guide should be to generate their fee through the increased profitability.

Success Service

We work with ambitious, innovative, and open-minded business leaders from a variety of industries. 

Risk Management

 Is the practice of using  processes. We evaluate risks by focusing on identifying what could go wrong.

Global Business

 Our success is to find in getting you connected with business opportunities.  

Some Facts in Numbers

The Global Business Partnership "GBP" works with several representations in different countries.

We are a working partnership with several entrepreneurs and collaborators all over the world, and we also deal with various industries almost across the continents of the world.

Total Projects
Partners & Collaborators

Service Request and Proposal

Global Business partnership (GBP) has put this form at your disposal to quickly facilitate your request to one of our services or to send your business proposals.

Increasing scale of partnerships

The Global Business Partnership "GBP" works with various industries in many countries. Until now the number of partners is increasing successively.

Our Collaborators are generally Suppliers, Entrepreneurs, Buyers or Distributors of various cities: Dubai, Tokyo, Montreal, Houston, Johannesburg, Moscow, Cotonou, Tunis, Luanda, Kinshasa, Brazzaville, Porto, Casablanca, Rabat, Beijing, Shanghai, Paris etc..