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Business Opportunities & Projects Development.

We are here to help you to find new opportunities for your business our success is found in getting you connected with business opportunities.

The Global Business Partnership (GBP) is a consulting company specializing in finding solutions to your company's. GBP uses a collaborative approach, working closely with its businesses at all levels of an organization. Since 2015, we are working with several partners around the world to realize their dreams. Our firm has a simple mission to connect the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful by offering them new business opportunities. Our service is designed for anyone or corporations venturing into business or looking to expanding into new horizons.

GBP is established to provide a direct connection between companies. The interested company must provide an interesting letter asking for some service.

We work in collaboration with our partnerships.

Global Business Partnership has several suppliers companies in various business areas, as well we have several clients around the world. Our commitment is not marketing, the job is to find the ideal solution for our customers. The GBP recommendations are designed to help guide members’ investing decisions. While everything we do is designed to maximize long-term investment returns and minimize losses, occasional losses are a normal part of investing.

Business Financing is Possible!

Growing your business is the biggest dream of any entrepreneur and access to finance is one of the most important keys to the success of any business. If you are looking to grow your business by obtaining financing, the Global Business Partnership can help you obtain, such as an import letter of credit (L / C), standby letter (SBLC) and a bank guarantee ( BG), be aware that financial partnerships will do everything necessary to help you achieve your dream. We advise you to visit our investment & financial page for more details on financing.


A top-rated institution


GBP has approximately 10 years of business experience.


Over 20 business partners


We have over 20 members and partnerships on almost every continent.


Over 35 business contacts


We receive more than 35 contacts per month

for various projects.

Why many companies running behind Business Financials or Investments?

Business financials or investments should be used to grow your business and can be a great way to make an investment great that will generate more revenue for your business. After all, the loan needs to be paid back, so it is important to do the math and understand how you will make the investment profitable in the long run.

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Contact us to discuss your advertising options. Check out our advertisement dedicated page, you will find tips on how to respond to reviews and answers to common questions.

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  • Agriculture and livestock,

  • Agri-food industry,

  • Processing and production industry, Fishing industry and its derivatives,

  • Petroleum and diamond industry,

  • Civil construction.

  • Telecommunications,

  • Transport,

  • Hotel and tourism.

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Global Business Partnership ("GBP") is a professional business partnership firm that connects the world's professionals and offering them new business partnerships to make them more productive. Our mission is to ensure that we make professionals successful by connecting them with other professionals around the globe and widening their business potential.

  • Our service is designed for individuals or corporations venturing into business or for those looking to expand into new horizons.

  • "GBP" works with a vast number of professionals and companies to provide a myriad of opportunities in finding new business opportunities.

  • We encourage you to contact us with new business opportunities that you would like to develop.

1 30-day Job and 1 30-day Career Ad Network ($425)


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Global Business Partnership (GBP) is looking for Business Partners in all regions around the world to help promote GBP and maintain relationships with onthers GBP Partners.


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  • Alberta - Canada Registration: № TN19268739 
  • Business Service Request: № 24083722

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